Established in 1976
Celebrating our 43rdyear ! 
Historic Lancaster Walking Tour, Corp

Historic Lancaster Walking Tour, Corp.

Established in 1976

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"We took the Lancaster walking tour this morning at 10 AM. Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed it. kudos to Bob, who was wonderfully entertaining and informative, Delightful!"

" We would never have located all of these interesting places without our guide."

"Lancaster City is a best kept secret."

        We spent an engaging couple of hours walking through downtown Lancaster learning about Lancaster's rich history and marveling at the well-preserved architecture. There's an interesting tale or two to tell going back to colonial times including a lot of goings on during the Civil War. Lancaster played an important part in the Underground Railroad during the 19th century. It was even the nation's capitol for one day! Many of the public buildings, churches and private homes are still used and a well-informed guide can point them out.
        We have found that a good guide is what really makes the difference when experiencing a tour like this one and we had a really great one, Frank Weatherly. Frank is a longtime resident and probably knows more about Lancaster than the mayor! He pointed out all the attractions, took us through restored neighborhoods and even showed us some private gardens. He was terrific and his enthusiasm for Lancaster was certainly catchy. We enjoyed him so much that we invited him to be our guest at a downtown coffee shop after the tour for dessert and coffee. Be sure to ask for Frank but all the guides at the Lancaster Walking Tour are surely knowledgeable and pleasant. You could walk around Lancaster on your own and miss many of the things that are available there so be sure to take this tour.